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Professionalism and vision for success!

We specialize in development of high technology applications in the field of telecommunications which help significantly improve the productivity of our client organizations.

Our strengths are a unique technical knowledge, extensive business experience and proven top-level IT expertise which enable us to build high quality, focused solutions for our customers.

Our clients appreciate our ability to deliver a new vision on existing processes and build solutions that can truly make a difference in their business.

Our products are unique tools for optimizing your company’s telecommunications-related business processes. We have worked  extensively with companies in both Europe and the US.

The customers of our projects range from small businesses to large corporations and government agencies. The scopes of our projects vary from e-Commerce web applicationsto large ERP systems.

Our mission is simple – The right solution, at the right time.

And we view the best solution as the one that will save you both time and money. The experience and knowledge we have acquired over the years give us a unique perspective on how to help clients solve their problems.

In 2008 company become first certified Cisco Technology Development Partner in Bulgaria and was one of the few throughout Europe.

As a Microsoft partner of many years, we have demonstrated our competence in the area of advanced software solutions. A confirmation of our qualification and successful application of Microsoft technology to get the status Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. .

We help,
your bussiness, to GROW & to SUCCEEd