about US!

Our company, Expert Vision Ltd. is focused on development and implementation of innovative, high technology software products that bring real benefits and competitive advantages to our client organizations: reduced costs, increased productivity and improved process management and control.

One of our applications – Business Directory, successfully passed the tests at Cisco’s center of excellence in Bangalore, India and officially became a "Cisco Compatible" product. This certificate assures that our product meets Cisco’s high standards for quality and compatibility.

One of our developed mobile apps also bring us public recognition. The tablet version of Mortgage Analyze is nominated to a price at Personal Finance category in the unique contest, dedicated to tablet apps - Tabby Award.

To achieve the “Silver Status” we demonstrate our competency to deliver solutions utilising Microsoft's tools and technologies and ability to implement them into successful solutions for our customers. Like CallXpert Lite 2 - system for call accounting, which is a compact solution to control the price of the phone calls.

Our proprietary products utilize and leverage on the advantages of modern telecommunication infrastructures provided by industry leaders such as Cisco, Siemens, Alcatel, and others.

Our solid technical knowledge in telecommunication and our professional expertise in the information technology allow us to offer our customers a wide range of services like :
- development of high-quality custom software solutions,
- IT consulting,
- application integration and
- support of complex IT solutions.

We apply high standards and methodologies to measure the quality of software development throughout the project lifecycle. We use modern modeling tools in the software design and development stages to ensure that the application meets all the customer’s requirements.

Our highly-skilled and highly-motivated team allows us to accomplish each project in the best possible way.
Our strengths are:
- Our unique expert knowledge and experience in the telecommunications area,
- Our excellent command of modern software development technologies and tools,
- Our ability to define a new vision for improving the client’s business processes and information flows.


Message from Svetlin Grancharov and Andrey Yordanov, Management team of Expert Vision Ltd

   Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to our website! Thank you for your interest in our organization.
Expert Vision is a company that offers high technology software products and solutions that reduce the telecommunications costs, increase the productivity and improve the management and the control of the business processes in our client’s organizations.

Our philosophy is to assist our customers to achieve their business goals with the use of information technologies; for that we provide them the vision, the tools, the methods and the respective know-how. We are fully committed to delivering products and solutions that fit to greatest extent into client’s organization and are used with pleasure. For us it is a matter of honor to always deliver the highest possible quality and the desired final result.

We owe much of our success to our team– specialists with high qualification and diverse background and experience who share common values: integrity, trust, teamwork, as well as commitment to achieve superior results.

As managers of Expert Vision, we are inspired by the energy, spirit and responsibility of our team, and the results and solutions we regularly achieve for our clients.

Thanks to our rich experience with Microsoft technologies and concepts as well as various software development platforms, we have
a comprehensive knowledge of what actually works and what just “looks good on paper”. We are able to identify the right tools and methods to build truly workable solutions and
to help you make informed decisions and to avoid costly mistakes.

We work with tools and platforms that represent industry standards. For our customers this translates into easier maintenance, upgrade,
and future independence from the developer - freedom to choose alternative IT support partners. Of course, should you be happy with
our service, you can always choose to continue working with us!

- Open relations and transparent, trustful communication with our customers towards informed decision-making throughout project’s development,
- Freedom of choice of a post-development IT support partner,
- cost-effective solutions that keep in pace with you as your organization grows – this is what we offer to our clients.

We look forward to welcoming you as our client and partner!
Andrey Yordanov, Svetlin Grancharov

meet our team


Our team consists of engineers experienced more than 15 years – everyone in different technology.

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified – testimony for reliability of a supplier and the excellent condition of his organization.

Our cumulative experience is in almost all sectors – retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, insurances, education, entertainment and etc.

Our team members are qualified specialists and are also certified – MCP, MCSD, MCDBA and MCSE. They are also professionals in alternative development platforms
Acknowledgement for our engineers are the constant job offers from corporations like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and etc.


Dual Energy

  • "The application Action Screen, tailored for our company by Expert Vision improved the efficiency and the efficacy of our company’s client service. It lowered our costs and the time spent for the activity. It also improved the quality of our customer service.

    It is of a great significance for us that Action Screen was delivered ion time and it was adapted to our needs very soon – we started using it straight-away and without any troubles,

    Expert Vision understood very well our needs and created solution completely satisfying it."