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    Business Directory® became a Cisco Compatible product at the end of last year, after passing the tests conducted in Cisco’s center of excellence in Bangalore, India. This gave us the status of the first Cisco Technology Developer Partner in Bulgaria.

    The application gathers and consolidates all corporate and personal contacts and makes them immediately available to organization employees using Cisco Call Manager and Cisco IP telephones. BusinessDirectory® is executed as an option from the Cisco IP phone menu and uses the same user-friendly and intuitive interface, buttons and keys as the standard Cisco applications.
    You can store and consolidate all organizational internal and external contact data and users can search them by name, position, department, location and the like. The system supports many phone numbers for each contact.

    The application allows each user to input their personal contacts from Microsoft Outlook and to view them on their Cisco IP phone.

    BusinessDirectory® can retrieve data from and synchronize with various systems and databases in the organization like Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, which provides for easy administration and always guarantees usage of actual contact information.

    The system is natively integrated with the user’s Cisco IP phone and activates from the phone’s Directory button.
    BusinessDirectory® works with all versions of Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Call Manager Express. It works on all models of Cisco IP telephones with screens and also with Cisco IP Communicator.

    The system gives users immediate access to corporate contacts which provides for more comprehensive use of the existing telephone infrastructure and a higher efficiency and productivity of company’s employees.

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  • Key features

    Support for rich contact information

    - Ability to input detailed information for each contact: name, position, department, organization, location, email address, description.
    - Extremely powerful ability for searching a contact using free-text search in all fields or by name, by position, company, city and so on. The user can choose whether basic or detailed information to be displayed for the found contacts.

    Flexible use of the contact data

    - Ability to associate several phone numbers to one contact.
    - Each incoming call is immediately identified with the name of the caller and with their contact information stored in the system.

    Easy-to-use and friendly interface

    - The user can dial the desired phone number of the selected contact by just pressing a button.
    - The buttons and the keys function as in any other standard Cisco application for an IP telephone.
    - The system automatically converts names and text from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet.

    Integration and synchronization with other systems

    - Native integration and synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange which allows for easily keeping the contact data constantly actual.
    - Ability to import personal contact data from Microsoft Outlook into the system.

  • System Requirements

    BusinessDirectory® is a software application which has a server component, a web component and a telephone component. The software was developed using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and ASP.NET AJAX. The database is stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

    BusinessDirectory has the following minimum system requirements to be installed and to run:
    - Server operating system - Windows 2008 Server or later
    - Server hardware:
    - CPU – Intel® Xeon® or better
    - RAM – 2 GB
    - HDD – depending on the data size
    - Browser requirements for the reports – Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 2 or later

    - Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2

    For optimal performance of the system we recommend the following configuration:
    - Server operating system - Windows 2012 Server
    - Server hardware:
    - CPU – Intel® Xeon® or better
    - RAM – 4 GB or more
    - HDD – depending on the data size
    - Browser requirements for the reports – Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 2 or later.

  • Downloads

    Business Directory®

    On this page you can find additional information about the product.
    The documents are in PDF format and may be printed and/or saved.

    This paper contains short description of BusinessDirectory system, its purpose, functions and system requirements for installation of product:

    This brochure contains exclusive information about BusinessDirectory system, services and necessary information to answer frequent questions for usage:

    This userguide is a brief tutorial introduction to some of the most important features of the BusinessDirectory system: