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    CallRecording® is a system for recording and machining of telephone conversations conducted by Cisco Call Manager, and Cisco Call Manager Express including and UC500 .

    The system are needed following elements to operate:
    - CallRecording server on which modules are installed to record the conversations and module for administration and listen to the conversations;
    - LAN Switch;
    - User computers (Client PCs) to access the system using a Web browser (IE, Mozilla;)

    The Software part of the system includes:
    - Recording Modulе - recorded conversations to disk on the server in a compressed form and specific non-standard format; - Module for archiving calls - Web application, stating the directories calls for backup and recovery calls from the archive; - Module administration and playback - support three types of users with different access to phone calls;

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  • Key features

    Automatic call recording

    - The system detects and automatically record incoming and outgoing telephone traffic;
    - The calls are recorded as an input / output and by phone number;
    - Call recording is compressed into a specific non-standard format for greater security;

    Automatic storage of call

    - stored in a preconfigured directory of the disk on the server;
    - named with format - the phone number and time of start and end of the conversation; - the storage directory is named DVDXXX_yymmdd-yymmdd (start and end date of record) and contains up to 4.7 GB records for convenient archiving on DVD.

    Archiving and extracting phone calls

    - Web application by specifying the directory to phone calls for backup and archive and extract respectively;
    - Depending on the condition of the archived the system supports four status - Current, ready to copy, ready for backup, archived.
    - Each directory automatically gets its name and backup named with the same name - Arhiv_nomer_data creation.
    - Windows Service monitor free disk space and prevent reduction of space;
    - accessible for users with predefined rights;

    Administration of calls

    - Access to module is available by HTTP / HTTPS protocols to ensure work on HTTPS server certificate is required;
    - Every recorded conversation can listen directly from a Web application;
    - Full or partial access to phone calls for different users;
    - Searching for calls by criteria - outgoing / incoming calls, number of the called / calling, date and time of implementation, duration, etc.;
    - saves files in WAV format depending on user rights;
    - export a list of calls in an XML file compatible with Microsoft Excel;
    - Access to backup module for restoring archived calls;

    Administration of users

    - add, delete, activate and deactivate users
    - a list of users logs by time and place action
    - information about the current standard user
    - access rights set to define calls;

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  • System Requirements

    Minimum system requirements to be installed products are:
    Server hardware:
    - CPU – Intel® Xeon® or better
    - Memory - 4 GB RAM
    - HDD – depending on the data size
    - Database: Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition
    - Operating System: Windows 7

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    This userguide is a brief tutorial introduction to some of the most important features of the CallRecording system: