Captive Portal

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    Captive Portal is a system designed to control access to wireless devices. Specially designed to work with many number of Cisco access controllers (Wireless Lan Controlers), which manage many number of Cisco access points (Access Points) and networks.

    The system is web based and client can define many zones (Domains), which added to the access controllers. In each zone can be defined by users who have rights to create accesses (Logins) to wireless networks managed by controllers in the area. They can also define it many number of users to perform queries and generate statistics.

    When you connect a device on the network, automatically appears his web page to input login and password. After successful validation, the device accesses the network for a predefined time. When the time expired, the controller automatically disconnect the device from the network.

    Zone administrators are able manually to stop (kick) active session on a device from the network on which user is connected. This is possible to make from the page where you can see all active sessions. Administrators also have the opportunity to select a session and disconnecting the active user.

    Captive Portal has a rich set of reports and statistics, in which users easily can find the information they need. Reports can be exported to XML and this allows if necessary to do further processing or importing into another system. They can also be printed on a printer.

    Captive Portal supports English and Bulgarian language.

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  • Key features

    - Define many number of access areas (Domains)
    - Define many number of controllers available
    - Define many users with different rights and roles in areas – administrators, users and logins
    - Ability to define many number of accesses (logins) in different zones
    - Ability to define accesses (logins) with different time duration

    - Automatic disconnect of access by the end of time
    - Ability to manually stop access (even in the currently active session)
    - Wide range of reports and statistics, in which users can easily find the information they need
    - Export to Microsoft Excel - allows you to do further processing or import them into another system - Works of virtual infrastructure