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Beemr helps you find easily offers and promotions directly from your smartphone.

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Mobile Loyalty

Do you want to boost your sales and increase the loyalty of your customers?
Do you want to advertise and send special and targeted offers directly to your customers’ smart phone?

mortgage analyzer

Mortgage Analyzer

Mortgage Analyzer helps you to compare different credit conditions, such as fixed or floating rate.
The tablet app is nominated for Tabby Award in Personal Finance.

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Home Expense Analyzer

The Home Expense Analyzerapplication will help you estimate the monthly cost of home ownership, which is one of the main considerations in deciding what home you can afford.

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SMS Parking

SMS Паркиране allows you to pay parking tax by sending a sms.

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!Важни Телефони

!Важни Телефони contains important phone numbers of public institutions and organization from Bulgaria. Allows you easily search and call them.

mobile banking

Mobile Banking

Today every bank has online banking, but not every bank has applications for smartphones.
Would you like to be one of those banks?

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Shopping Calculator

Shopping Calculator allows you to quickly create shopping lists and calculate costs

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Survey Master

Survey Master is a sophisticated, yet simple tool that lets you create surveys that you can use to interview prospects, clients, or customers. When you're out in the field or with a client, you simply choose the survey you want.

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Mobile Directory

Do you have a business card in your pocket? Of course, business cards always missing at the most important moment or you are already distributed on last trade fairs in which you participated.