Uni BIt

University of Library studies and Information Technologies


Development of systems for:
Quality management in the education;
Financial management in the education.

What these systems consist of:

Quality management in the education:
• Procedures;
• Quantitative indices;
• Analytics.

Financial management in the education:
• Costs;
• Forecasting;
• Analysis;
• Modeling;
• Optimization.

Purposes of the systems:
• Improvement of the quality;
• Lower costs;
• Improvement of the control.

The systems are developed as subsystems in the system for management of the educational process.

Quality management is set of processes focused on the achievement of qualitative goal for satisfaction of the needs of the users. The purpose of the specialized software is to automate these activities. Quantitative indices are set in the system for evaluation and analysis of the activity. There is also opportunity for control of the execution of the internal procedure rules.

The purpose of the system for financial management in the education is making of calculations about costs, forecasting of future costs and cost analysis.

It is also importing data from the accounting software.

The system brings opportunity for creation of financial models of education plans and for costs optimization. The costs control is also improved and it brings opportunity for fast generation of financial reports.