ViK Plovdiv

Water & Sewerage Plovdiv JSC

Contact center and ticketing system

Fostering of the processes;
- Control improvement;
- Better quality of service;
- Lower costs.

Detailed information about the systems :

Contact center :

- Collection of information about customer calls by date and time of the call, by agent answered the call, call duration, topic of the call audio record of the call.
- Customer recognition by phone number, by client’s number and other;
- The agent sees during the call previous conversations and conversations of the client with other employees of the company (in case they use common telephony).
- For every conversation are being collected and configured unlimited number of attributes, keywords and call topics . It is possible about every topic to exist different screens with fields and call results, depending on which the system is performing different actions .
- For every client are being maintained unlimited number of phone numbers, addresses and other data – the software is capable of maintaining, receiving and displaying all customer data from the billing system of the company.
- Record & play of the phone calls – the system is recording all conversations of agents and connects these records with the information about the call, maintained in the CRM.
- Possibility for automated connection of call with ticket by the ticketing system or for connection by call agent . - The agent also can check other tickets or to see tickets related to the customer.
- Search by all attributes and data export (Excel. Word, PDF, etc.) for calls and customers.
- Sending SMS and emails to customers.
- Detailed stats with option for export – the stats includes: Agent, Topic, Day, Average time, Total time,Ticket and other.

Ticketing system:

- Unlimited number of users from the company in different roles and groups.
- Ticket generation with definite status and emails to different groups.
- Each user enters the system having personal username and password .
- Then sees screen with tickets , directed to him (or his department) and tickets created by him. There is option for opening every one of them, to read and add information, to change status and direct it to other employee or department.
- During creation of a ticket it is being entered information about it, category, department in charge, status and other data.
- After recording of a ticket an email is being sent automatically to the person or the department in charge.
- In case of lack of activity for definite period of time it is possible automated escalation depending on priorities defined in the ticket.
- Every ticket has number and its status can be tracked.
- Every ticket hast history of events, activities and changes of status.
- Documents attachment to tickets - These documents may be either related to the case or from customers – e.g. complaints, inquiries, etc. The tickets with documents attached are being processed in the same way as the other tickets.
- Every ticket has status and elements - depending on the status the system performs different activities and sends notifications to persons. In every change of status the system is sending emails, records logs and etc. In this way everyone related to the ticked is being informed.
- Every status change has history and comment in order to be tracked.
- References and stats - The references consist of numbers of tickets by departments, persons, average time of work, opened tickets, older ticket, latest ticket and etc. the references can be printed and exported.