dual energy

Action Screen was developed for the UK owned energy supplier Dual Energy.

The application is purposed for customer service.

It was developed with the goals to improve:
• the efficiency and the efficacy and
• the quality of customer service.

How Action Screen achieves that;
• simplifies the tasks completion;
• lowers the time for the completion of tasks;
• improves the accuracy of tasks completion;
• saves re-work of existing or/and development of new systems.

How Action Screen works:

Action Screen unifies information from different sources;
• phone calls;
• e-mails and paper mails;
• records of cases;
• data from other systems – CRM, invoicing etc.

These above automatically trigger set of predefined business rules for processing of the case,
The operator is working with only one application, having access to all the necessary information.
Action Screen is flexible to change of rules and processes.
The application is accessible from any location.

About Dual Energy

The company is an independent, UK owned energy supplier leading the way in:
• Smart Meter billing;
• energy prices;
• dedicated Customer Services.

Dual Energy helps thousands of UK businesses to better manage their energy usage and reduce their monthly bills.