meet our team


The CEO of Expert Vision is in charge of the company’s strategic and operations management trough the executive team. The executive team consists of CTO, team leaders and QA, reporting directly to the CEO. Expert Vision’s CEO is in charge also of the implementation of the latest technologies in the company’s services and products.


Expert Vision’s CTO has key role for the products and the services delivered to our customers. This executive position is focused on all issues related to IT. The CTO is reporting directly to CEO,

Team Leader

The Team Leader ensures that every team member has a role to play in achieving set goals and targets and also finds the solutions for it. Our Team Leaders are very experienced and having excellent qualification.


Our quality assurance experts work with other staff within the organization to determine and establish procedures and quality standards and to monitor these against agreed targets. Expert Vision is ISO certified.

The Expert Vision’s team consists of young yet distinguished IT specialists who have proven their high qualifications and experience in number of projects. Our mission is meeting the challenges together with our customers and to work for their success by delivering the best possible IT solutions.

Our main goal is the “Happy Client” and we never consider a project complete until the client is 100% satisfied. The key to successfully achieving this goal is keeping pace with the latest of the modern technologies, hard work and personal dedication to the desired superior results – combined with close, trustful relations and collaboration with the client and within the team.

Our management team team plays a leading role in the establishment of these values. They have a rich and diverse background in the areas of operations, engineering, finance, sales and marketing with the added knowledge that comes with having served in executive positions in their previous endeavours.